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Under the Hood, We Are


AND So Are You

Our Story - WritingWit

Our Story

Writing Wit is what happens when a band of Creatives dares to imagine beyond the limitations and impersonal constructs of agencies and their proverbial ‘box.’


We’re a Collaborative of Rogue Creatives with a contagious passion for partnering with entrepreneurs and visionaries as brazen and fearless as we are to bring something extraordinary to life.  


Igniting a campaign or launching the kind of Brand the world will never forget takes gusto, but more importantly, it takes heart. 


So... we blew the box UP

and made a space where you, the ambitious do-ers, can join forces, working closely with the like-minded creators to give your business, the Creative Direction, the Voice, and Identity you’ll need to tell them about that idea -the Strategy to make sure they find out about it, and the Blueprints for how to get you from where you are now to where you know you can be.


When You’re Ready To Make Your Mark, 

You Know Where To Find Your Back-Up Team

About Hannah Ellaham - WritingWit

Creative Director  & Lead Demolitionist of the Perceived Possible

Hannah Ellaham - WritingWit

Hey There!


I’m Hannah Ellaham, the resident word wizard responsible for assembling this brigade of insanely talented humans. This is typically the part where people list out their academic qualifications and glorious exploits in a very serious tone, of course. 

...But, I’m not typical -and if you’re here, my guess is that you aren’t either.


I didn’t create Writing Wit. It happened the way all epic things do. I was quite the happy camper before this idea dropped out of your heads and into ours. 


You guys are the reason this exists. 


You had a seriously good idea and were looking for a way to light the world on fire and make sure everyone knew about you -short of sending some kid out in a weiner suit waving a sign on the roadside. 


Whether you’re a ‘Mom and Pop’ shop or a Multinational Organization, every interaction with your customers tells them who you are and what you do. From the way you greet your customers and how your support team communicates to the styles and types of packaging, you’re sending a message. 


This is the crew of creative badasses who can look at your message and turn it into an experience  -all without the weiner suit. 

This Isn't What We Do

It's Who We Are


You're Not A Damn Demographic

This is not the place for a one-size-fits-all approach. 

Every design, line, and detail starts with your needs.

Customized campaigns -that’s our M.O.

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