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the sunscreen movement drawing a line in the sand 

putting people and planet first

For 25 years, Barrier has led the sunscreen industry in natural sun care under a non de plume. As the next generation takes the reins, this company is going to make serious waves, waging a conscious campaign to protect our hides (skin) and home (planet). 


The Mission

Transform a successful business into a brand 

with an explosive Voice to launch a larger-than life platform for change


Ecology Framework

Barrier’s purpose fuels and informs all that they do, so we began by clarifying the company’s goals and tactical position, gaining focused introspection on the fundamental truths that drive the business. Realizing the future they envisioned meant complete inundation in the current research, trends, beliefs, and behaviors defining the space the company occupies. 

Image by tatonomusic

The Challenge

Barrier infuses their beliefs for a better tomorrow into every product. Resting on their laurels and their many endorsements from headlining organizations, such as the Environmental Working Group, the company allowed their products and efforts to speak for itself. 


In a crowded marketplace vying for your audience’s attention even the exceptional can get lost in translation without a powerful platform and an unforgettable Brand Voice.


The Solution:

Brand Voice & Identity, and Creative Direction

Brand Voice & Identity

So, we clarified who Barrier is,

Brand Positioning

Screen Shot 2020-06-05 at 2.25.00 PM.png

(sample page)

where they were going, 

Brand Strategy

Screen Shot 2020-06-05 at 2.23.40 PM.png

(sample page)

and gave them a megaphone to tell the whole world

who the most eco-conscious mother f^@k*rs around are

Creative Direction

Until Barrier’s official blast-off, we’ll be right there as they travel the distance from concept to creation, ensuring that their spirit is embodied in everything they do. 


Start Natural - Stay That Way, 

With the Sunscreen That’s Been 

Bullshit Free Since 1994

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