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Wan Ja Shan

~100 years of an International salty love affair

Wan Ja Shan’s devotion to brewing an authentic shoyu has made them 

one of the leading name brands in soy sauce brewing and manufacturing world-wide.


Each bottle of all-natural, organic goodness is consciously crafted from farm to ferment in one of their two zero-waste facilities using the same family recipe that began the operation 75 years ago. 


The Mission

To bring 75 years of tradition into the 21st century U.S. marketplace, 

sharing a time-honored experience across cultural borders

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Ecology Framework

Understanding the complexity of the communication’s challenge began by immersing ourselves in Wan Ja Shan’s Brand Culture, becoming intimately acquainted with the internal and external ecosystems driving operations, as well as their retail, wholesale, and industrial customers.

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The Challenge

Wan Ja Shan’s principles and products inherently make it the market pioneer it is. 

They know it, industry leaders and their renowned clientele, companies such as Heinz, knows it, but until 2018 -the average shopper did not. While deeply gratifying, Asian sauces primarily line America’s pantries as condiments, rather than a tool for cooking.


The leap from traditional, foreign custom and flavor to exciting, good for you ingredients

is comparable to the ocean Wan Ja Shan crossed to build their saucy empire on American soil.

The Solution:

Brand Voice & Identity; Creative Direction

Brand Voice & Identity

So, we built a bridge by repositioning the company. 


Taking it from

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“In 1945, our founders set out to achieve one simple mission - to create the highest quality shoyu or naturally brewed soy sauce available on the global market.  Under the tutelage of monks who studied the intricacies of the natural fermentation of soybeans to brew soy sauce, we handcrafted a shoyu that successfully captured all the desired qualities of purity, savoriness and complexity.”



We harnessed their spirit and passion into an approachable Voice, inspiring people to get playful in the kitchen using the famous sixth flavor.

Creative Direction

Imagineering Wan Ja Shan’s vision into reality meant guiding the direction of every detail and design to ensure a cohesive balance. 


Taking what began as one man’s journey to share his culture -mainstream. 

So, you too could

Take A Walk On The Salty Side Of Life

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